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what it's all about?

My story with photography started by some Constraints.

I used to be a copywriter at of the best advertising agencies in Tel-Aviv, but all that time I had an inner voice that kept curiously about the idea of becoming more alive.

so I left my hometown, while I know that my English it isn't at the same level as my native language.


and the question, "how can I write now with no words?" popped.



and right away I fell in love.

every day, the camera taking me to places and stories, I wouldn't get there without her, I live more the present moment through the viewfinder. 


 I guess I developed an obsession.


My name is Itay and I am a street and an interior photographer.

Born and raised in Tel-Aviv and now located in Porto.

My camera is just a tool that helping me, express my sensitivity to a story about our reality from my reality.


I can't wait to see where my camera will take next.








Itay Peleg