Black Box

"I went with opening eyes and heart to the world, and it gave me back weird and surreal situations from the mundane" 

Black Box is a visual body of work, through which Itay Peleg intends to challenge the viewers, through the medium of photography, to keep their eyes open to the enigmas hidden in daily life.


By capturing the offside details, the reflections, the mirroring of silhouettes, between light and darkness, he seeks to perceive his surroundings as signs of the unusual, beyond the common ground.


A black box can be defined as the part of a complex system that produces any observable output according to the received input, but whose internal mechanism or program is a mystery to the user. Nowadays, people make use of black boxes all the time without noticing and, at the same time, they become black boxes when their choices, especially as (image) consumers, seem to be encrypted in our society.

Black Box is about expanding people’s vision into the unlimited options that our ordinary day can offer, only by awareness. How can you know what you’re capable of, if you don’t embrace the unknown?


                                                                                                Rossana Mendes