Traffic Light

Each and every moment the wind grasping a pure beauty mixed with melancholic drama.

at dark perspective the swan is just another duck, the dolphins can be just another Mammals.

But with all of that, unless you gonna kill yourself today, every person will keep reach and look for the light, while he's been there all the time.

The all next project capture at the same place, São Bento metro

station in Porto.

a place with an intense contrast between light and darkness.

The project is my own struggle, while I was surrounded by insecurity and sadness, I moved to the light of São Bento with my camera, without knowing what I'm doing and why.

Observing the rhythm and movement of people in one particular place.

 I found that people subconsciously migrated to the well-lit sections of the space, as a primal instinct that keeps our heart pumping. 

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