Joao's Light Fight

Joao is a colorful boy in a grey world that just want from us to let him go.

as a kid, he grew up in Brazil, with the feeling that something is wrong with himself.

so he left for Europe, with the hope of reaching free access to express.

Joao is a person, that doesn't want to have from a Sexual definition, he's doing his thing, his crazy expression, his wired dressed,
cause this the only way to free himself from his own cables.

through the different style, he may feel normal.

but, even in Portugal, our society keeps drag him back to the norm and choose who he is.

we are pushing him all the time to the darkness, To be part of the sheep herd.

Joao doesn't want fame or glory, he just wants to be himself.

and this is he's a fight of his life, fight for the freedom of expression, fight for light.

I'm inviting you to have a quick look at Joao's life and to free yourself a little bit more from the fear of social acceptance.

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