We are the Government


by Itay Peleg 



This story will be part of future history.

at the next project, you'll be witness to see how society looks like before seeds of social revolution planted.


By name of the power, the average citizen in Morocco becoming naked as the day he's born.

control. control the main light streams, knowledge and movement Blowing the balloon by illness pain.

The man, he is in demand to have unfulfilling dreams, so they closing his eyes, therefore, he will stop dreaming.

He forgot that he is the king, he is the government, he exists, they don’t.

He can be in control of his own life, but the fear broke his spirit, limited his options, Everything in subjective reality looks like a status quo.


By spending some time in Morocco, I understood the power of the lash, I understood how fear sperate us from our potential.

I swam with them at the same fishbowl, I saw how the need to bring food to the table is pushing us to follow the herd, but Is it enough for the young generation, enough to our modern life?


Morocco has been changed, the new man has been moved, he wants more and In his pain I found True.


At the next work, you will be evident to how society at mental and education crisis looks like.

This piece of photography is just another stir to the pot to what will happen with or without me.


Idealism not exist, but Moroccans have a tremendous potational to be close to that.

cause I found something that many of us don't have, Brotherhood.

and Up there, they know they have a deal with a homogeneous society, and that's where the devotion starts.


Along the care to my brothers in Morocco, I want to show you, probably a westerner how a suppressed dictated society looks like, cause WE in 2019 playing the game of shutting off hopes.


-A social-political Photobook.

-The book is more than Images, is anthropological storytelling on society in a struggle.

 -will contain 40-50 Black and white Images, including my writing.

-the Images that you see, is just some of the work.



I would like to publish the book in French.

with an option to a print and a digital copy.


About me

Israeli/Portuguese. 29 years old. lives in Porto.

for many years, I was a copywriter till my waking moment around one year ago.

since then, all my mind, body, and soul dedicated to capturing life.

Photography to me is all about emotions, all the rest is just a trick.

I traveled all along Morocco for 3 months, I dived into the misery and suffer cause

I know that I have something special, I am a truly Free man, that call stories with a camera.

I did a few exhibitions,  "we are the government" will be my first book.