Europe is Getting Old

Does the world belong to young people?


not in Europe. 


the rising of individuality comes with higher expectations for a better life

and on the other hand, the felling down of income, 

creates a new creates a situation in a new world, young couples don't want to have kids anymore, so-called Negative population growth.

it is a fact, the population of most European countries is aging faster than being replaced.


Add to that abandonment of many young European people from places like Portugal and Spain for other places out to reach a better life.

and we are creating a society, that humanity never saw before.


As a street photographer, I've been walking a lot, the absence of young spirit is significant.


It becomes amazing lands with no potential for cultural and artistically renaissance.

I'm not a politician, but it seems that's it time to open the gates.

otherwise by predictions: in 2060 old average will be around 65.


the next project is trying to show how it's gonna feel like to live in that kind of society.





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