there are some persons that immediately u know there is something behind.
but How can you bring him back to the starting point?
I bought 2masalachais, and I sat beside him with a huge smile without saying a word.
and from right then, the man and the story unite again.
after a while, we felt that our heart is connected, so I asked:
"when u where in my age, how do u remember yourself?"
"I used to be somebody,
at least that's what the people around me, made me feel.
and right now, by looking at my pockets, I'm completely nothing.
but what"s there is in that box (he pointing on his mind) young man, nobody can take away.
I learned that there is something that always will stay, the change.
"how did u learned that? what's happened?" I asked.

before my white beard grown, I was the man that already won.

i had a wife that define me the meaning of the word beauty, her name is Anika and she is all I ever dreamed.
just two months after I met her, She gave me a gift, my sweet daughter.
she even helped me to open my successful business, fabrics factory.
12 Employees man! 12 people that I was everything for them.
Shiva was on my side.
my mind told me, that this is for last.
"what was the change,"? I asked.
I discover by blood that everything, same as the beauty of the flowers, the bird"s melody, and the glory of a rainbow, that's all will fade.
one day car accident took my lovely girls, to the next stage in the samsara.
I was devastated.

I couldn't handle anything, my heart turns black and from that, u can never go back.
and people. man, people can have respect for dead people, but not for a dead man walking.
after a while, I lost my Employees admiring, and really soon I lost my business.
15 years took me completely realize that I can not fight the gravity of the permanent change, everything is temporary, 
this meeting of the two of us will be replaced by another.
"so from where is that smile? this is a change as well I said.

I realized that if u think that the "yourself" is also permanent. you'll never be able to change.
and the not knowing that will leads to attachment to your favorite things.
u will see your life as one big investment, giving by expecting to get back

while true love is part of just giving, without expectations

15 years took to understand that I got to let go. "wow man" is said.

"and there she's my adopted daughter just came out her kindergarten."

I got to go, man. 
om Namah Shivaya.

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