after 27 years I joined the club.

I have died many times, but now I reborn as a curious child.

a child that protected from the TV death, a child that looking for his path.

he forgot how to walk in circles, forgot the feeling of being blinded by the sun,

His eyes are open, away from the chain, miles from the gloom.

He took a seat at the day's divinity performance and he found himself alone.

she told him that he can be fully invisible, exposed or vulnerable while he's traveling in space and time.

sailing after his feet, becoming his own landscape.

All of a sudden he Arrived at a crossroad.

the glam and the Sweet blackness is upon.

Curious, into the dark womb and wonder to the shining

he flirts with the two.

the trio flows down & out, to an instant creation.

chiara and obscuro, for him suffering and joy are the same things.

because he reborn as a curious child.



street photography.

I Found my destiny, my shelter, the running from my unbalanced mind.

without the wish to escape, I'm exposing and embracing my two sides.

This is my Oscuro

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