our hero walked on the pavement in Jaisalmer, by knowing that he is a hero.

it's was an extremely hot day, and he was on his way to work.

although he sweated like a horse, he didn't give a shit.

cause anyway, by looking at the empty streets, he know's, that this is not A successful business day.

in that weather, ain't no white man for buying souvenirs.

10 minutes after he opened his store.

his phone ringed, he looked at the screen, and immediately he knows that if he will take that call, There is no escape route

our hero looked at the streets, the emptiness looked at him, and he answered the phone.

"Hello," the hero said

"u know what u need to do, the same thing, double price" a low voice told him and hung up.

at the same moment, a huge goblin with wings rides on a tiny bicycle towards him.

They exchanged deep glances, the goblin's eyes say pride, while the hero's eyes tell regret.

the goblin, Without lowering his glare even for a second, threw

a letter, while he keeps looking at the hero, and left.


in the past, our hero Expressed remorse for his previous act.

after all, he knows the mother personally

and he knows that she still devasted from the disappearing of her baby.

after that, he thought that from right now, he his master of his own future.

Filled with tears, our hero began to sail into an ocean of sadness, til the world suddenly brought him back to land.



a cow just past by and left a huge dump on his shoes, he coursed her mother, closed the store, took the envelope and left.

To make up for the shitty feeling he looked on to a fancy new restaurant.

the doors opened automatically, and something dragged him in.

he sat at a table.

many suits man, that wearing the same red tie, sat alone around him.

They spoke on the phone without making any sound.

Every precise minute, they raised their heads cause, a sound of a scream came from under their feet.

And immediately they went back to their tracks.

after our hero finished his meal, the waiter with the dark sunglasses came by with the check.

he came closer, and closer to our hero He took off his sunglasses and shouted "payment"

instantly, those eyes felt familiar to our hero. He glanced into the bill and realized that he is.

He glanced into the bill and realized that he was sitting in a restaurant called Karma.

he opened his eyes with a scream, while he's is sweating like a horse.

and he realized that he woke up for another day without his left hand,

and some of u, my lovely readers know's What is the role of the left hand in India.