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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

In our times, almost every person became a "photographer",

but although the mass exist, photography is still a wonderful form to express your unique voice, and still photography is not just about beauty, is about style,

is about saying something that matters. In my journey the flood of photographers pushes me more to find my own language, pushes me more to see myself as a visual story Teller.

and this is one of the main challenges, and this is why we gathered here.

Rough minimalism is my thing, ®Itay peleg

Do you got some style?

I'm sure you do!

Cause you have something special to say to the world, just you see the world as you see. but the transformation to communication, that what's could Art.

and it takes time...

Are you ready for the challenge? just by days and even months of time spending into the viewfinder, you will start to acknowledge your way, you will start find the path to the thing that divided you from others.

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Why it is so important to find a style? style for me means to be authentic to yourself, to forget from the all the external pressure as gear obsession or social media likes, and start really work on your work! having a creative style is necessary part of communication with the world, but more importantly, you can see the process of developing your style as the path to your own ture.

along the process you will start see yourself at your photography.

Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality

Shawn Ashmore

®Itay Peleg

In our art form, photos planed to be consume by the viewer around 5-12 seconds, therefore photographs are much stronger when they are Complementary and supporting each others to a full story or just even a feeling.

a synergy and harmony between a line of photos will create much stronger experience to observe them.

The line that will connect your photographs called- style.

In a way, I see photography style as the "Dark side of the moon" album. this is an incredible piece of art cause each song is a great, but what makes it a prefect album is the line between them.

the feeling that are giving to each others, although "breath" and "on the run" are so different, there is communication and synergy between them.

The depth create a first time experience, of "wait, wait what just happened here?"

® Itay Peleg

So if you agree that to conquer your style takes time, and you have patience and passion to the journey, that's what you can do meanwhile:

1.lose yourself to the camera when you're shooting don't plan your walking way, follow your feet, your eyes, and listen to your intuition, the universe is sending you always messages, and I'm one of them. So shoot from your heart, and again shoot from your heart.

if something attracts your eye, investigate that.

forget about the social media crap, almost every photograph there looks the same. do what you feel, and don't compete with anybody except yourself.

2. work in a shape of projects. there are many parts of the "I", but what is the most significant? The world is a huge Eco system with many elements, to prevent a confusion, and to reach deeper perspective, sometimes will you need to point your camera like horse with a blinker.

In life. as long as you will see the world in a deeper perspective, you will reach to more information.

working in a shape of projects, means that you will be able to choose the sexy info to your photography.

as well, by having a deeper perspective you will expose the hidden parts to the world.

staff that the normal eye cannot reach, what means that your work will get better. try this method, for example-capture just people with ties or focus on Reflection from windows, play with sort of light and etc.

I know you can be creative!

I spent two months at the same train station. ® Itay Peleg

3. find the path to your voice by the best. learn from the best, here are some different street photography styles. (as a start),

think to which one of them inspired you the most, and search for more info about them.

This is will be Wire tip order to find your own style:

Rust and dust B&W

Daido moryama

william klein

Paulo Nozolino


Josef Koudelka

Henry Cartier Bresson


Constantine manos

Alex Webb


Diane Arbus

Street stories

Robert Frank

Joel Meyerowitz


Garry Winogrand

it is important to mention that every legend photographer here, has much more than on style, and the art form offers much more, than 6 styles,

but this will be just a start to your following search.

so who gave you the feeling, "that way i wanna go"?

start explore it.

for any questions, I'm right here.



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