how street photography can make you happier person? 

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

The will for happiness, so many people wrote and talked about that.

So lets cut the bullshit, what if I tell you that photography can be your a living meditation, a tool the will interact you with the divine, that photography can awake you. today. why?

5 thoughts :

®Itay Peleg

1.traveling in space and time

let's say that you took a vacation, to Rome.

everything is set, you know where you going to sleep, which sites you want to see and basically you're well prepared to soak the energy that the city has to offer.

Did you really about to observe Rome?

let me offer another way, a way of losing yourself to the city.

a way that you'll become a "Roman" at the minute you will get into the zone,

a zone that will make you lose a sense of time and location.

with no maps, no phones, just walking without any intention or expectation.

you'll get into places and areas that even a local person didn't reached all of his life.

you will really see the Roman architecture, you will really live the story of that particular day in Rome.

A way that might push you to forget about all the bullshit of selfie pictures, the will of proving to everybody that you have been in Rome because you going to be really in Rome.

®Itay Peleg

The camera can drag you to that state of mind, all you need is to lose the self to her.

cause the camera can be just a tool that will connect your reality with the universe.

when you will get into the "zone" of street photography, you will travel not just in Rome, you'll travel in space and time, cause you will open your eyes to details, movement, shapes and lights that the normal consciences can't reach.

2.adults playground.

walking around with you a camera will help you to realize how much your world is dynamic, everything is permanently changing all the time.

Buddha says:

"all things appear and disappear but he who awakens shall be awake forever."

So a photo is a fraction of a second, the photo will completely change a second after, even 1\120 of a second.

knowing that, you will realize the unstop movement for your world.

look now at the window, there is any change that passes in front of your eyes?

cars? birds? people?

the world is changing all the time, and so do you.

think about the streets, every day is completely different light, people etc.

In each day you will get another results from the same location and the same camera.

as well it's reminds me, that every annoying emotion will pass, and it will reduce the attachment to the sense of happiness.

®Itay Peleg

Joel Meyerowitz, a "fifth street photographer", tells about the day that change his life, the day he met, one of the best photographers all time- Robert Frank:

"It was astonishing for me to stand behind him and wait for the click at the right moment," Joel recalls. "Every time the there was a gesture, there was a click. The small gestures seemed to have a potential for meaning. And I began to have anticipation. I was starting to play a game. I would say to myself, 'now!' and he would go click! I began to feel the rhythmic flow. And I thought this is amazing!"

On the way back to his advertising office, Joel saw the "flow" that Robert expressed,

but now in bigger dimension, the streets of New York!

right there he decided to quit his job and to be a photographer.

Joel Meyerowitz- look how many things happening in a fraction of a second ®

3. Daily book writers

we all have the same physical needs, but we are so different from each other.

so diverse, every person has a full-fat book story in him, I'm not sure if the story is enough interesting to be a hard seller, but there is a story.

add to that, moods, moves, lights, background, clothes and you have a world that will seem like a living theater.

cause everything is a story, the college group that wearing a uniform, the lady that wants to be a successful lawyer, so she wore her best clothes and the guy that doesn't give a fuck on the basic structure of our society so he will express himself as a "thug life".

these all a stories!

photography is a matter of how do you see that and how you deliver it.

®Itay Peleg

"I used to think, 'How can I write my life story? I'm still living it.'

Frank Serpico

Do you want to inspiration to your life?

The camera, will awake you to this unstoppable content,

observe, but really observe the world around you.

cause everything is made up by us, everything behind is empty.

you might be just a story of your mind.

do I going too deep? (:

®Itay Peleg

4. The camera is a mirror to your soul

The photos that you will take of others, will be a self-portrait of yourself!


Everything, that attracts your eye, things that seems cool to you is part of you!

if today your eye attracted by a weird person with strange clothes, 2 gay people kissing, and the nature from some interesting perspective.

all of that is part of you. today.

because today you are a bit weird, a bit gay and you had a moment of connection to the nature.

If you will shoot from your heart, every time you'll release the shutter, you will capture part of yourself.

®Itay Peleg

After a while of shooting in the streets, I looked at my work, and I didn't find even one person smiling in it.

not because, I'm a sad person, just cause I'm trying to get into the truth of life.

and nothing is more real to me, nothing is more presenting the soul of the person when he is vulnerable.

for me happiness is an abstract concept.

The camera makes me admire my melancholic side, so I love to search for this side in other people.

therefore I will not feel alone.

®Itay Peleg

As well, the reflection of your soul depends on your mood, if you are sad everybody will look to same.

everybody at the bus station will look to you as maniacs, a terrible freak.

and when you in a good mood, and you can't hold your smile back, somebody will smile back to you.

so do your photography, it will present your personality.

in my life, I don't psychologist to tell me who am I.

I have passion to photography.

4. Manifestation

you will be blessed to see A Magical moments form the mundane.

being out in the street with open senses, increasing the chance to be present to an Insane staff, to a strange combination of objects out of ordinary reality.

a slice of a moment that it is a completely magic.

®Garry Winogrand

what if I'll tell, that right now, while you reading this some of those magical moments just passed away, and you had the ability to catch that moment to eternity?

and forget a second about the photographs,

the camera is just a tool that will help to see beauty, that will make you believe that the universe can present himself.

if you didn't saw it so far, it because you didn't look for it.

Don't believe me?

Look at the work of Henri Cartier Bresson, the godfather of street photography.

® Magnum

Do you wonder, how the hell he was so lucky to catch this moments?

how the hell he knows to be at the right place and at the right time?

I will tell you, Henry found a composition that attracts his eyes, and then he waits, and wait, and wait with the faith that some magic will get into this composition, that the world will present himself to this time and space.

and with that he clicked...

I'm not trying to tell you, to sit in one place and to wait for the universe, I'm just showing you the ability of each one us, to awake to the wonder of the world.

®Itay Peleg

Street photography completely changed my life.

the moment I realized all of that above, I found my destiny, and I found my mission, to open other people eyes.

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