WE are the Government

So They Say:
"Morocco is controlled by a stable and liberal regime.”

Photographs of the majestic rulers are all over and the king’s lovers never had other heart wishes.

Quite often, you will hear the popular phrase, “The God, the King, the Nation.”

I arrived in Morocco to capture colors and exotic beauty.

But somehow, day by day, my viewfinder became darker and darker.

surrounded over a quest for social salvation, I found myself present to an important local timeline.

I observed tremendous silent anger.

honest conversations grasped some whispery and underground orientated. 

Usually, When people spoke from their hearts, they proved my brain projections, like humanism epiphany

A social revolution in Morocco is only a matter of time.

Morocco changed, the new generation seeks for more.

WE are the government, is storytelling on early seeds of democracy.


maintain the current regime, in our globalization times, is a true challenge.

so they increase their tentacles pressure.

because they know, that homogenous knowledgable society has enormous potential, so devotion starts.

even in the price of spiritual, mental and education crisis.

I am inviting you to observe with me,  how a true suppressed society looks and feels like.

This piece of photography can be a metaphor.  

also for us "westerns" have some growing tendency, authorities interference for devotion.

may we never forget, that we are the government.



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